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Blue Crystal Headache Relief Bomb


15 ml’s of the highest quality ingredients in a rollerball. The roller ball is available in rose quartz or lapis lazuli. Crystal are also inside to bottle to infuse their healing power into the headache blend.

This rollerball should be used on the temples, across the forehead, under your nose and at the base of your skull for headache relief. Can also be used throughout the day to keep you alert and refreshed. Some people even use as a personal fragrance on wrists and neck.

The blue/green color of this oil is natural and comes from german chamomile essential oil. Blend also contains peppermint, holy basil and rosemary essential oils. All 4 are potent headache killers. Essential oils are blended in a base of sweet almond and jojoba. Please specify which type of crystal rollerball (rose quartz or lapis lazuli) you would like when you order.

Jojoba Oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Peppermint essential oil
Holy Basil essential oil
Rosemary essential oil
German Chamomile essential oil

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