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Chamomile Rose Botanical Face Toner


For Vata, Pitta, Drier and Mature Skin types. 200 ml’s of the highest quality ingredients.

This facial toner contains the most decadent, nourishing and hydrating ingredients possible. A natural blend of rosewater, aloe gel, vegetable glycerin, chamomile tea, rose, geranium and lavender essential oils. Spray on your face, neck and chest after cleansing to receive refreshing hydration and soothing anti aging benefits. Toners balance pH in skin after cleansing and prepare the skin for Facedope application. Having such hydrating ingredients on your skin prior
to facial oil application, locks in moisture and nourishing botanicals. Can also be used throughout the day to refresh your skin when it’s looking dry, when you need a pick me up or a simple cool down.

Rose hydrosol/water
Aloe gel
Chamomile tea
Vegetable glycerin
Rose, Lavender and Geranium essential oils
Distilled water
Leucidal (natural preservative)

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