Feminine Intimate Wash 150ml


Traditional soaps and shower gels can disrupt the vaginal pH balance, causing irritation and discomfort. endota Organics feminine wash has been carefully pH matched to complement and protect the intimate environment. Sensitively formulated and designed to respect the delicate vaginal ecology, with a refreshing and effective cleansing action.

Key Features
• Ultra gentle intimate foaming wash
• Certified Organic with COSMOS
• Organic plant actives –Calendula, Aloe Vera & Oat Extract
• pH matched to vagina-pH 3.8 -4.5
• Contains Apple Cider Vinegar to help balance vaginal pH
• Washes away odour-causing bacteria without irritation
• Luxurious feminine wash you can use with confidence
• Contains exquisite Rosa Essential Oil

This product has been formulated to support your intimate health. Should you experience ongoing symptoms of irritation or discomfort, seek medical advice.

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