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Pitta Massage Oil

Pitta (fire and water): Common characteristics of people with dominant pitta include being well-built, with good digestive systems and metabolism. Balanced, they are warm and disciplined with strong leadership skills and intelligence. Pitta disruptors include eating sour or spicy foods , fatigue and spending too much time in the sun. Unbalanced they are compulsive, irritable and hot-tempered. Inclined to perfectionism, they may suffer from digestive or inflammatory conditions, like heartburn, high blood pressure and infections. Leela Eco Spa Pitta massage oil blend contains lavender, jasmine, German chamomile (giving this oils it's blue colour) and peppermint essential oils in a fractionated coconut oil base. This blend cools and soothes pittas sensitive skin leaving it nourished and calm and soothes pittas internal fiery nature.

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